Welcome to Heartsville High, set in a world where everyone is gay--well, almost everyone! The big-man-on-campus is the chess champion, and the captain of the football team is made cool by being cast as the lead in the school musical. The students write a controversial show called "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" about straight people in the military, which becomes the catalyst for a young man and woman to fall in love. Enter Zanna, a magical, musical fairy who, with a wave of his wand, brings true love to one and all!

Out Front Theatre Company is proud to present this world premiere reboot of the hit off-Broadway musical as a part of our educational programing! This reboot will feature new material never before performed or seen! Do not miss this story of universal love, set to some of the catchiest music you'll hear in Atlanta this year!

Performance Dates:
July 27, 28, 28 at 8:00 pm

All tickets $20 (General Admission)